The Department of Philosophy

What is Philosophy

Have you ever thought deeply about a very difficult question? Maybe you questioned whether your actions were the right thing to do. Perhaps you wondered what constitutes the real you, or possibly you have considered how best to rectify an injustice in the world.

If you have thought about any of these things, you have entered the world of philosophy. Philosophy is the study of the topics and questions that are the most fundamental to the understanding of our world and our place in it. Questions of value, norms, reality, freedom, and purpose are difficult, but philosophers do not shy away from them. We dive right into debates that have troubled great minds for centuries and seek wisdom through careful study of those minds who have given us so much to ponder and reflect upon. And, although we may not end up with all of the answers at the end, we have enriched our minds and souls through the hard work.

Department Mission

The Edgewood College Philosophy Department is committed to engaged philosophy and philosophical pedagogy. We work towards truth, justice, compassion, community and partnership through our support of the college’s undergraduate general education curriculum, through our philosophy minor, through our own scholarly and public service activities, and through the opportunities that we provide students for interdisciplinary and extracurricular learning and development.

Study Philosophy!

Have you ever considered a minor in the field of philosophy? Did you know that Edgewood offers a philosophy minor? Did you know that a minor in philosophy can be practical? The Department of Philosophy at Edgewood College would like to invite you take a moment to consider these questions as you browse this site and familiarize yourself with a minor that may be more rewarding than you think.

United Nations Award

Professor of Philosophy Vincent Kavaloski has been named Global Citizen of the Year by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Dane County Chapter. Read more about the award.

"The  good life is one inspired
by love and guided by knowledge."

~Bertrand Russell