The Department of Philosophy

"The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness."

~Arne Naess

Vincent Kavaloski, Ph.D.

Vincent Kavaloski
Predolin Humanities Center 325
(608) 663-2242


Vincent Kavaloski, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy. His area of specialization is the Philosophy of Peace.

Vincent teaches foundations courses in Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of the Person in addition to two Human Issues courses: The Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and The Philosophy of Peace.

These two courses usually involve travel seminars to the UN in New York or to Washington, D.C. Recently his Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. class went to Memphis to attend a conference on Non-violence and the National Civil Rights Museum.

In October 2013 Vincent was named Global Citizen of the Year by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Dane County Chapter. Read more about the award.