The Department of Philosophy

"The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness."

~Arne Naess

Timothy Hansel, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Timothy Hansel
Predolin Humanities Center 326
(608) 663-2330


Tim Hansel received a B.S. (Meteorology) from Valparaiso University, an M.A. (Philosophy) from Texas Tech University, and his Ph.D. (Philosophy) from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Tim’s areas of interest include social and political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of science, epistemology, and the philosophy of medicine. Tim has done research in the distinction between ideal and non-ideal normative theory and whether non-ideal theory justifies political partisanship (It doesn’t). Tim’s current research involves the ethical issues behind pseudoscience and alternative medicines.

Tim primarily teaches ethics and critical thinking here at Edgewood. He has also taught courses in social and political philosophy, business ethics, environmental ethics, and symbolic logic.