The Department of Philosophy

"The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness."

~Arne Naess

Daniel Mortensen, Ph.D.

Co-Director of COR, Lecturer

Daniel Mortensen
Predolin Humanities Center 327
(608) 663-3403


Dr. Daniel Mortensen holds a B.A. from Beloit College, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in classics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Mortensen specializes in the history and philosophy of rhetoric, ancient philosophy, and the philosophy of the liberal arts.

At Edgewood College Dr. Mortensen teaches Critical Thinking, The Liberal Arts in the Dominican Tradition, and coaches the Eagles Debate Team.

His scholarship includes publications and papers on Cicero, Aristotle, Lucretius, St. Augustine of Hippo, the rhetoric of crisis, argumentation, the liberal arts, and drunkenness.

In his spare time Dr. Mortensen enjoys woodworking, guitar, and playing hockey.